Our kennel is located in the heart of Idaho and Oregon bird country.  We hunt, train, VHDF test,  NSTRA trial, and selectively breed our own German wirehaired pointers.   Our training program is geared towards the serious foot hunter.  We are competitive in VHDF and NSTRA; however, our main focus is mixed bag foot hunting.  Our goal is to build a highly versatile and reliable hunting dog that is also a loyal companion.  Properly trained versatile dogs can hunt ducks, geese, pheasant, quail, Chukar, grouse, and partridge; and do so all in the same day if need be.  We do not believe in mechanically training puppies or young dogs to be robots.   Young dogs need to develop their own hunting style and build an intense prey drive.  We cultivate these qualities by properly introducing dogs to the hunting environment and then gradually building confidence and desire.  We use techniques that bring out your dog's natural searching, pointing, retrieving, and tracking instincts while at the same time enhancing obedience, water love, and people skills.  All dogs should be good citizens.  

Seasoned gun dogs can be finished to any level within their capabilities including field trial and hunt test training.

PRICE: $1100.00 per month plus birds and incidentals.


Training Program



Puppy Program for dogs 6-12 months old.  Introduction to guns, birds, pointing, searching, tracking and water.  Your pup should be well socialized; crate trained; have good manners (e.g., calm and quiet); and  introduced to basic obedience commands (e.g., Here, Kennel, Sit and Heel). 


We accept dogs for our puppy program during the months of February through August.


Force Fetch for dogs that need to retrieve to hand. This program requires that your dog has met all the prerequisites included in the Puppy Program and be proofed on obedience.  We do not specifically train for obedience although your dog's obedience skills will be enhanced during our programs.  


We accept dogs for our force fetch training program during the months of February through July.
Advanced Gun Dog Training is a custom program that generally includes steadiness to wing and shot; stop to shock/tone; common upland hunting skills; retrieving; and may or may not include water work.


Puppy Program or equivalent and Force Fetch.



We accept dogs for our puppy program during the months of February through August.



Finished Gun Dog Training for the owner that wants to compete in field trials or VHDF hunt tests.  Call for specific details. Force Fetch and Advanced Gun Dog Training.

We accept dogs for our puppy program during the months of February through August.

NOTE: dogs being tested in spring VHDF HAE tests must be present by the first week of March.



Training for VHDF Events Call for details. Call for details.

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