"Breeding and Training Superior Gun Dogs Since 1986"




Our breeding philosophy is based on love and respect to the highest degree for our loyal hunting companions.  Our goal is to produce wirehairs that have strong natural abilities and at the same time have temperaments well suited for rigorous hunting and training.  We enjoy gunning behind strong, hard hunting, stylish dogs that have the stamina to hunt all day, day in and day out.  Our dogs are best suited for the serious hunter that enjoys a loyal and animated companion in and around the home.

Our training program is based on the notion of turning talented pups into great hunting dogs.  We prefer to start with good raw material or genetics and build a great hunting companion by following a step by step process while maintaining enthusiasm and style.  We do not believe in shortcuts or gimmicks.  Young dogs are taught to use their natural hunting talents: searching, use of nose, desire, pointing, tracking, retrieving, water, and cooperation, while at the same time learning obedience and how to work for the handler.  Older dogs are taught to be finished gun dogs.  They are taught to handle a variety of birds in a variety of situations.  Finished dogs should find and handle game, remain steady  to wing and shot, retrieve shot game, recover crippled game, plus honor and retrieve from water if necessary. 

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