Typically, our breeding cycle is December to July, producing 2-4 litters each year during the late winter and early spring months.  We start taking deposits for future litters in October, although breeding plans and specific sire and dam combinations need not be finalized at that time.  We will post litter details on our website after the dam has come into season and been bred successfully.  Quite frequently, the majority of the puppies are spoken for before they whelp; therefore, it is recommended that you submit your reservation when you have made a decision to purchase a Three Devils pup. 

We do not necessarily recommend that you reserve a pup from a specific litter.  Giving us an opportunity to meet your request regardingthe characteristics of the pup vs. those of the parents is more important.  Since Wirehairs are so genetically diverse, oftentimes the pups look less like the parents than you might think.  It may be advisable to wait until we have several litters on the ground, allowing for more options, before deciding on a pup.    

Email is the best way to reach us for general questions.  We are hunting, training, or caring for dogs during the daylight hours which makes phone contact challenging.  

If you plan to reserve a puppy, it is best to send us an email first.  The majority of our clients are passionate wild bird hunters and our dogs are bred primarily for that purpose.  Before working with a new client, we like to know more about you, the type of hunting you do, and the gun dog characteristics that are most important to you.  This initial contact information is very helpful in determining if you are a good match one of our German Wirehair Pointers.  Our dogs are most appreciated by wild bird hunters that also enjoy their hunting partners as a member of the family.

Once you have decided that a Three Devils GWP is the right choice, you may submit a $500 deposit to be applied towards the total purchase price of a pup.  Please include a letter or email describing how much and what type of hunting you do along with a list of which gun dog characteristics will be most important to you.  You should specifically reserve a male or female and provide some additional information regarding size, coat length, coat color, and temperament preferences.  Once the pups are old enough, we will use all of this information as a reference to help you select a puppy that will best match what you are looking for in your adult hunting dog.  You can mail your $500 deposit and request letter to us at Three Devils Kennel, 8504 Scism Rd, Nampa, ID 83686, or you can use the online Puppy Request Form.


The date that we receive your $500 deposit will determine the order of availability.  The order of deposit, whether first or last, does not determine the picking order because we do not subscribe to a "first come first served" standard.  We will use our 30 years of experience working with puppy buyers and our 7-8 weeks of observing the pups daily to carefully match you with a puppy based on the information you have provided to us.  Some things we cannot control; however, we know from past experience that this method gives our pups and our clients the best chance for mutual success as a hunting team.  For most, less dominant dogs usually make better pets and better hunters because they are easier for people to get along with and are more likely to cooperate with their owner.  The more dominant dogs require a more willful and consistent approach to be successful.    


Price:  Males $1500.00---Females $2000.00.  Pups picked up at our kennel will be charged 6% Idaho sales tax.  Payment in the form of Cash or Check is accepted.  You can also use our secure online credit card option to pay your deposit or pay in full.  All pups will have their first shots which include:  Distemper, Adenovirus Type 2, Parainfluenza, Parvovirus, and wormed as necessary.  The tails are docked and the dewclaws removed. 

You will also receive:  

AKC registration certificate and registration instructions.

A three generation pedigree which will include PennHIP and/or OFA Hip Dysplasia information; NAVHDA, VDD, or  VHDF test scores.  

The Versatile Hunting Dog Federation is our preferred testing venue because it gives us more detailed and beneficial information than NAVHDA or JGHV regarding the genetic value of our breeding stock.  We encourage you to test your dog in VHDF for your own benefit and for the benefit of the breed and our kennel, as well as GWP breeders and the hunting public.  Testing is a fun process that provides you with a framework to get your pup ready for the field and marsh.  This non-competitive process promotes ethical hunting and conservation of game by enhancing the overall quality and abilities of versatile hunting dogs.  Specifically, the German Wirehair Pointer is greatly enhanced through breeder and owner education regarding genetics; selective breeding; training; aptitude and performance testing; and conformation evaluations, all sanctioned and conducted by VHDF.  In short, VHDF increases breeder success because the results of the progeny data allow the selection of the most genetically valuable parents.   By giving back to the breed at this time, you will increase your odds your next pup being even better than your previous one.


We prefer that you pick up your puppy at our home in Nampa, Idaho when the pups are close to 8 weeks old.  See the Driving Directions tab above for a map to our house.

If it is not possible for you to pick up your puppy we can ship your pup via air cargo with Delta Airlines or Alaska Airlines.  We charge a flat rate of $600 which is the average cost.   If we can do it for substantially less, we are happy to refund the difference.  This service includes:

A trip to and from the store to purchase a crate for you.

The cost of the crate, bowls for the crate, and absorbent material for the bottom of the crate. ($120)

Modification of the crate to meet airline requirements, including all metal fasteners.

The cost of the materials required for modification.

A trip to and from our veterinarian in Boise, Idaho for an office visit and health check on your puppy.

The cost of a Health Certificate issued from a licensed veterinarian. ($115)

Our average phone time of 30 minutes per reservation with the various airlines.

A trip to and from the Boise Air Terminal.

The price of the air freight which currently averages $260 to $450 per pup.

Occasionally we are able to ship two pups in one crate if they are both going to the same location, thereby saving you half of the shipping cost. 


As of January 1, 2013, all Three Devils litters will be registered through the American Kennel Club with Limited Registration .  Limited Registration means that the dog cannot produce registered offspring unless the breeder revokes the limited status.   Three Devils Kennel will happily revoke the limited status and provide full breeding registration to those dogs that meet very basic performance and health requirements.  Those minimum breeding requirements have been established by the German Wirehair Alliance and can be found on their website at

The German Wirehaired Pointer as a breed has a fairly high incidence of Hip Dysplasia and Autoimmune Thyroiditis.  We test all of our breed stock for these heritable conditions and it is important that all breeding dogs be tested to avoid propagation of these genetic diseases.  We are strongly committed to improving the German Wirehaired Pointer breed and want to make sure that only healthy animals that meet minimum levels of performance before and after the shot, on land and in the water, are bred.  If your dog has met the minimum breeding requirements set forth by the  German Wirehair Alliance, we encourage you to join that organization so that you may be one of the contributors to the breed.  Feel free to contact us with questions about the Alliance or about breeding your qualified dog.


All pups are unconditionally guaranteed until they are 24 months of age.  If a pup or dog is returned under our guarantee, we will replace the dog from the next available litter.  We may require that the pup be returned to us for evaluation and possible placement into another home. You will be responsible for any shipping charges unless otherwise agreed.


  1. Contact us by email to let us know what you are looking for in a dog.  If we all agree that our dogs may be the right choice for you then we will proceed to the next step.
  2. If a Three Devils pup is right for you then we will speak by phone to make sure we are both on the same page.
  3. Once approved, please submit a $500 deposit along with information regarding your preferences for us to help select your pup.
  4. Once the pups are born, we will post additional information on our website.
  5. After the pups have reached 6 weeks of age and it appears that we have pups that meet your needs, we will contact you to get more detailed information and setup a date and time for you to pick up your pup.
  6. Pick up your pup in person at our home in Nampa, Idaho or make arrangements to have your pup shipped via air cargo.
  7. Deposits are refunded or carried over if we are not able to supply you with a pup that meets your preferences.  If you decide to cancel your puppy reservation,  the deposit is not refunded.



PHONE:  Jeff Funke at 208.989.0721 

Mailing Address:
Jeff Funke
8504 Scism Rd
Nampa, ID 83686


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